Friday, February 20, 2015

My Doctor: My Patient Advocate

Every other year as state lawmakers gather at the Capitol to create laws and pass a new budget, Texas physicians are there, too, making sure the concerns of their patients are heard. Physicians representing the Texas Medical Association testified this week on behalf of their patients on a host of issues, including improving access to care, strengthening public health initiatives, and tackling health care costs. Being a patient advocate is a way to give back to your community, says Carlos Cardenas, MD, a gastroenterologist from McAllen.

"Each physician has a very special place, a special permission to go into people’s lives and see things that not everybody else sees. And when you see those things, and you see how people are impacted by either policies, or legislation, or whatever it might be, you see an injustice. It is your moral duty to stand up for your community and defend the access to care for your patient. I firmly believe that if you do for your community, your community will do for you."

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