Friday, December 30, 2011

Doctors Explain Hidden Dangers of Concussions

Even doctors can miss the first signs of a concussion. Twelve year-old Suzanne suffered a concussion while playing soccer but stayed in the game. Her parents, both doctors, were not aware that their daughter was injured. “Even as physicians, we didn’t recognize it and allowed her to continue to play,” Suzanne’s mother Brenda Vozza-Zeid, MD, says.

Watch Dr. Zeid tell her daughter’s story, and learn about the signs and symptoms of a concussion.

Dr. Zeid says it is important to remove athletes from play and allow their brain to heal completely through mental and physical rest so that conditions do not worsen. When someone suffers multiple concussions, “there can be long-term effects in memory and judgment and even early Alzheimer’s, so diagnosing and treating very early are key” to preventing further brain injury, she says.

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