Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grandma and the Big Bad SGR!

A huge Medicare cut looms for doctors and Medicare patients. Who might that affect? People like grandma — and those who love her, as the child in this video shows.

Unless Congress acts, on Jan. 1 doctors who care for Medicare patients face a 27.4-percent pay cut, because of a flawed funding formula called the SGR. Then millions of seniors (like grandma) and people with disabilities — and military families whose insurance is TRICARE — might have trouble finding a doctor's care.

Texas doctors continue to ask Congress not to cut Medicare payments and to allow seniors to continue to see the doctor of their choice. You can help by asking Congress to fix the broken physician payment system and keep doctors for Medicare patients. Click on the Stop Medicare Meltdown box to the right of this blog post.

UPDATE: Our video has received 1,700 hits and counting! Read what other bloggers are saying about Grandma and the Big Bad SGR:

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Anonymous said...

I want Medicare to pay doctors an amount that meets verified costs. I do not want a system that the government will break by their imposition of draconian measures. This will automatically shift the cost to seniors who will began paying a percentage more to the physicians in order to get the care the doctor deems advisable. In other words the administration punts and the seniors get the shaft.

I think your commercial insults the intelligence of the seniors and I project little response to it. Among other things the pitch of the childs voice is high and high decibles are that range that are first lost and makes it difficult to understand-check this out with an audiologist. Secondly I don't want a child to explain a complex issue as no child has experienced the subject matter-simply bad marketing of an idea and bad judgement in my opinion. Perhaps a geriatric physician, a medical specialist, and an intelligent senior (there are many of them)could discuss on a short video what this change will mean to them each.

When you write that you will lose 27 and 1/2 % percent of your income; that falls on deaf ears (no pun intended) as most people believe you are paid too much now; and they (on fixed and reducing)income figure the doctor might try to understand the patients financial needs. (And why is it that doctors never want to talk about the cost and what can be done to bring the cost down).

But what we do understand is a reduction of vital services to take care of a serious need, i.e. heartfailure, dialyisis, cancer, and the list goes on.

Shortsighted policies are based upon the assumptions that they too will never grow old. The grandma and grandad you throw off the train may be you sooner than they think.

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