Monday, January 9, 2012

When Doctor Becomes Patient

When Sugar Land family physician Troy Fiesinger, MD, crashed into a bus stop while bicycling, he learned what it’s like to experience significant pain — and why that one-to-ten pain scale might not be the best way for doctors to fully grasp their patients’ suffering.
“A ‘four’ never seemed to adequately describe the prickly cactus in my hand or the tearing feeling in my fingers as the therapist forced them to bend in a direction they did not want to go. After a while, I found myself picking a number just to satisfy him. I really wanted to say ‘today the pain is there, but I can handle it’ or ‘that hurts like a @*%!.’”
What’s really important, Dr. Fiesinger explains, is to ask patients “how they perceive what is happening to them.” Read more at Texas Family Doc.

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