Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Patients Want Short Waits, Long Visits at Doctor’s Office

Americans spend much of their life waiting — in lines, in traffic, at stoplights, and in doctors’ offices. So it should come as no surprise that doctors’ online rating scores are heavily determined by the amount of time patients spend in waiting rooms. A new report by DrScore found that patients are happiest when wait times last less than 15 minutes and face time with their doctor runs at least 10 minutes.

While patients desire short waits and long visits, most understand they sometimes must wait longer to see the doctor. According to DrScore, shortening the amount of time spent with the doctor rates far worse than keeping a patient waiting. Steven R. Feldman, MD, founder and CEO of DrScore, told PhysBizTech that physicians shouldn’t sacrifice time with patients to minimize wait times. Instead, he suggests doctors spend five minutes walking through their waiting room between visits to “let [patients] know you care; those five minutes will pay off more than any other five minutes of your day.”

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