Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Website Tackles Bogus Food Claims

Almost every product advertised today promises consumers some kind of health benefit. But how much is fact and how much is fluff? With America’s growing obesity problem, labeling pizza a vegetable and promoting “nutrition-rich” cookies hardly seem like steps in the healthy direction. Now a new website,, aims to separate these bogus and misleading health claims from truthful nutrition information.

The site rates advertisements on a scale of 1 (authentic) to 5 (bogus), and pays special attention to commercials aimed at impressionable children.

“We’re all aware of the power of advertising and how it can be used for good and for not so good,” says Stephen Pont, MD, an Austin pediatrician and advisor for “Few things are worse than trying to manipulate our children. I see marketing’s negative health influence in my own kids and in my patients. The Leanwashing Index website will provide a prominent platform for public scrutiny of the misleading and frankly deceptive advertising practices that are hurting our children.”

Visit the site to view the misleading commercials, and upload ads you think are guilty of “leanwashing.”

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