Friday, March 9, 2012

Texas Doctors Urge 18-Year-Olds to Sign Up for ImmTrac

The good news is that Texas’ immunization registry — ImmTrac — was expanded to include adult vaccinations. The bad news is that unless young adults fill out an ImmTrac Adult Consent Form when they turn 18, the state will purge their immunization records from the registry. Doctors are urging young adults to sign the form as soon as possible.

“ImmTrac ensures that patient vaccination records are not lost and always available,” says Jason Terk, MD, pediatrician and adviser for TMA’s Be Wise — ImmunizeSM program. “The loss of these records may interfere with efficient care for the patient. Most young adults do not take the time to keep up with their own personal vaccination record.”

Read the full release here.

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