Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Public Opinion on ACA Unchanged After Supreme Court Debate

The Supreme Court oral arguments surrounding the viability of the health reform law in March did little to change American’s opinion. The Kaiser Family Foundation monthly tracking poll found Americans still remain split on their opinion of the Affordable Care Act. Forty-two percent indicate they have a favorable opinion of the new law, while 43 percent hold an unfavorable one. A significant majority, 70 percent of Americans still disapprove of the individual mandate – up slightly from March’s 66-percent disapproval rate.

Court arguments did increase public awareness of the individual mandate and its impact on individual’s lives and future insurance arrangements. And after what many viewed as tough questioning from the Supreme Court’s more conservative judges during the three-day trial, Republicans surveyed expressed more confidence in the Court and believe the justices’ eventual decision will be based on analysis and interpretation of the law instead of ideological views, a flip from March’s survey results.

View the survey results.

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