Thursday, April 26, 2012

Texas Needs to Keep Young Doctors in Texas

After graduating from medical school, medical students must complete three to eight years of residency training. A new report says Texas does not have enough residency slots for these new doctors to complete their training. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board recommends Texas increase funding by $11.7 million for more medical residency slots or risk forcing medical school graduates out of Texas to complete their training. Texas needs more physicians to keep up with the growing patient demand. Currently the state ranks fourth among the six most-populous states in medical students and resident physicians per capita.

The board’s report estimates at least 63 medical school graduates will not be able to find a residency program in Texas in 2014. That number jumps to 180 students in 2016. These medical graduates will have no choice but to look outside the state for residency slots, decreasing the likelihood they will return to practice medicine in Texas. And since Texas invests in the education of medical students ― around $168,000 per student— Texas loses more than just a doctor.

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