Monday, May 7, 2012

TMA: Women Have Right to Know the Facts

The Woman’s Right to Know booklet that Texas law requires physicians to give to all patients considering an elective abortion is factually inaccurate and not science-based, the chair of TMA’s Maternal and Perinatal Health Committee wrote to state public health officials. “When it comes to abortion, our policy supports informed and nonjudgmental counseling between the patient and the physician,” Yasser Zeid, MD, wrote in formal comments on proposed state rules for how to revise the Woman’s Right to Know materials. “Unfortunately, the existing materials do not reflect these principles.” The TMA letter called for “a more rigorous approach to reviewing these materials, to help ensure that language is rooted in science and evidence-based clinical literature.”

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the state Republicans who control our state government put their moral beliefs above 'informed and nonjudgmental counseling between the patient and the physician'.

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