Sunday, August 26, 2012

Americans Agree: Lawsuit Abuse Epidemic in the United States

A national survey released this month reveals most Americans voters support tort reform, regardless of party affiliation. Republicans (94 percent), Democrats (86 percent), and independents (89 percent) overwhelmingly believe lawsuit abuse is a problem in this country, and 83 percent agree this abuse must be stopped.

Seventy-eight percent believe frivolous lawsuits run rampant in the United States, and 60 percent say this threatens the country’s fragile economy and stymies job creation. When asked who wins and who loses in the current system, respondents claim consumers, small businesses, and employees rate as the top three victims of lawsuit abuse while personal injury lawyers reap the benefits. In fact, fear of lawsuit abuse has permeated the country so much that a majority of those polled (53 percent) worry they themselves or a family member will one day fall victim to a lawsuit.

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