Sunday, November 25, 2012

Alcohol Poisoning Amongst College Students Raises Need for Awareness

Every year, more than 2,000 college students die from drinking too much. That’s almost six people per day. And too often these young lives are lost to alcohol because the students weren’t aware of the signs of alcohol poisoning, or their friends were too afraid to get them help. Such were the facts in the case of Carson Starkey — a young man who died from alcohol poisoning in 2008.

Born in Austin, Texas, Carson was a third-generation graduate of Austin High School. While in the middle of his first quarter at Cal Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Calif., Carson was involved in a fraternity initiation ritual where he was compelled to drink large quantities of alcohol. After becoming unresponsive, some of the fraternity members began to take Carson to the hospital. But they abandoned the trip for fear of getting themselves and their fraternity in trouble. They returned to the house and left Carson on a mattress where he died with a blood alcohol level of .40.

Since Carson’s tragic death, his family has founded the nonprofit organization, Aware Awake Alive. Its mission is simple: equip youth and their communities with the tools and confidence to prevent lives lost from alcohol poisoning. Aware Awake Alive aims to educate young adults at high schools and college campuses everywhere about the dangers of alcohol poisoning, while also informing the public about 911 Lifeline legislation and similar “good Samaritan” laws across the nation. Aware Awake Alive wants students and parents alike to know the signs and understand that when you think someone needs help, he or she needs help.

Across the nation, colleges are using the resources that Aware Awake Alive provides, which are easily accessible and at no cost. Whether it is an all-inclusive toolbox, compelling and informative videos, or a catchy acronym to remember the signs of alcohol poisoning, Aware Awake Alive offers a unique, effective approach to reaching young adults and getting the message across.

Austin-based Aware Awake Alive welcomes you to join it in its efforts to save lives from alcohol poisoning. For more information and resources, visit or contact

Alcohol Poisoning: Not a College Rite of Passage
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