Monday, December 31, 2012

Infographic: The Obesity Crisis

Only about one-third of adult Texans are a normal weight. The remaining two-thirds of Texans are either overweight or obese. Texas children (ages 10-17) also are tipping the scales — more than 30 percent are obese. These extra pounds add up to increased health care spending, since treating obese patients cost 37 percent more than treating normal-weight patients.

Scroll down for more chilling facts on the dangers of obesity.

Image courtesy of Cascade Healthcare Solutions


@DrStephenPont said...

The consequences of obesity are dramatic and frightening. We can all make individual changes to be healthier, and very much hope that we all do something in 2013! However, we also must address the broader/societal/policy level forces that make being healthy abnormal and often challenging. Hopefully we can make positive strides for some health promoting policy change in 2013 too!

Quick Weight Loss Product said...

Recently, I read an article that says, 68% of the US is overweight AND obese (overweight and obesity are 2 different things) Also you dont have to 'look' huge to be obese. You may look at someone and think "Hmm they look overweight but not huge" but in reality they class as obese. thanks ~ Kirsten

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