Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top Five Me And My Doctor Posts of 2012

From the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s days in court to West Nile virus to physician salaries, 2012 made for some health care reading. Below are the five most popular blog posts on Me And My Doctor last year:
  1. Setting the Record Straight on Doctor Pay” — In response to an opinion article in The Dallas Morning News, Denton physician Joseph Valenti, MD, explains how long hours, increasing government regulatory burdens, medical student debt, health insurance hassles, and stagnant Medicare reimbursement refute the claim that doctors and other health care workers receive too much money.

  2. Dallas Doctor Knows First Hand the Ravages of West Nile” — During Texas’ West Nile virus outbreak this past summer, Dan McCoy, MD, sat down with fellow Dallas physician Don Read, MD. Dr. Read described his ordeal with West Nile virus and how, even seven years after fighting the illness, he still cannot ride a bicycle or carry his grandchildren upstairs.

  3. Texas Doctors Urge 18-Year-Olds to Sign Up for ImmTrac” — ImmTrac, Texas’ immunization registry, helps patients and their doctor keep track of the patient’s immunization schedule and stay up-to-date on vaccinations. However, when teens reach 18 years old, they must rejoin ImmTrac to keep their vaccine records in the registry and guarantee they receive the most efficient patient care.

  4. People’s Community Clinic Now Able to Help More Patients” — Last summer, People’s Community Clinic (PCC) in Austin was awarded federally qualified health center status by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration. PCC Director Celia Neavel, MD, explains what this means, and why clinics like PCC are essential for providing basic health care for Texans who are under- or uninsured.

  5. Texas Needs Realistic Solutions” — Bruce Malone, MD, immediate past president of the Texas Medical Association, testified before Texas state senators on the potential impact the health reform law will have on Texas health care. Dr. Malone explained how government regulatory burdens, red tape, payment hassles, and low pay have eroded the physician foundation of Medicaid and Medicare for more than a decade.

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