Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Video: Dual-Eligible Cuts Costing Jobs, Harming Patient Access to Care

In its third video installment highlighting issues across the state, The Texas Tribune focused on the payment cut initiated January 2012 to physicians who provide care to elderly, low-income patients who depend on Medicare and Medicaid for health coverage. The Texas Tribune traveled to the Rio Grande Valley to see how the cuts impacted physicians and their patients.

“It’s already profound, it’s already bad,” Edinburg physician Noel Oliveira, MD, told The Texas Tribune’s Alana Rocha when asked about the cuts. “They’re devastating the patient, but they’re also gonna hurt a group that employs a lot of people in the state of Texas.” While lawmakers reversed part of the cuts last month, Valley physicians urge Texas legislators to completely restore funding to preserve health care jobs and patient access to care.

Watch The Texas Tribune video for more insight.

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