Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Is FitnessGram?

When it comes to maintaining a healthy level of physical fitness, too many Texas students are getting a failing grade. In an effort to reverse the trend of childhood obesity, Texas law requires fitness assessments for students enrolled in physical education courses. The Texas Education Agency selected FitnessGram® as the state-wide assessment tool.

FitnessGram® measures a student’s level of fitness according to several health standards. The program collects data on students’ aerobic capacity and body composition as well as muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. The results from this testing provide essential data that helps schools and communities target resources to stop the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Comptroller Susan Combs recently launched the website This website maps the FitnessGram® measurements for all public school districts in Texas and provides a platform for schools and communities to share best practices to address the epidemic.

The benefits of fitness testing in schools have already appeared. Many districts have used data collected from the program to get more grants and support for their students. The Hays Consolidated Independent School District used its fitness data in its proposal for a Health Resources and Services Administration grant to build a new school-based health clinic. The district was awarded $500,000 to build the clinic, which will help it combat childhood obesity.

Read more on FitnessGram® and Texas’ Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative.

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Anonymous said...

The soon to be built school-based health clinic by the Hays District: a suggestion: have an exercise room where patients can wait; have a daily exercise time where some of the clinic staff stops and dances or moves somehow so everyone wakes up and gets better. Kids and parents will love it because they'll take these ideas home which don't cost a whole lot.

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