Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lantana Doctor Helps Children Ride Safe

With April designated as Child Safety Month in Texas, physicians want to ensure children are doing what they can to stay safe. Wearing a bicycle helmet, and wearing it correctly, is a one simple way to reduce the risk of injury.

A properly fitted bike helmet can prevent up to 85 percent of injuries. Rebecca Butler, MD, is a bicycle helmet advocate. While on a run in her hometown of Lantana, Texas, last year, she witnessed an 8-year-old girl get hit by a car and thrown off her bike. The girl walked away from the accident with only minor scrapes and escaped serious injury because she was wearing a helmet. “I was so thankful she had her helmet on, and it validated once again what a difference a helmet can make,” said Dr. Butler.

Dr. Butler shared the story with several members in her community. After word of the accident spread, local businessman Mark Finley approached Dr. Butler to co-sponsor a free helmet giveaway event. The Texas Medical Association’s  Hard Hats for Little Heads program makes it possible for physicians to give away free helmets across the state.  Dr. Butler hosted an event and fitted100 children with brand new helmets.

Dr. Butler educates parents and their children about the importance of exercise and safety every day in her practice. “I encourage children to wear a helmet every time they ride a scooter, roller blades, skateboard, or a bike. It only takes one fall without a helmet to sustain a serious injury.”

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