Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celebrity Beliefs Can Endanger Health

Jenny McCarthy is coming to The View, giving her a nationwide, five-days-a-week platform to spread her anti-vaccine message. In an opinion for The Atlantic, David M. Perry, associate professor of history at Dominican University in Illinois, explains, “Some beliefs can literally endanger children’s lives.” 
"Anti-vaccinators risk not only the lives of their own children, but also those of others who are too medically fragile to get vaccinated and must instead rely on ‘herd immunity.’ Many medical conditions, especially those which compromise the immune system, make vaccines medically inappropriate. Happily, in a population of vaccinated people, infectious but preventable diseases have trouble spreading even to the immunocompromised. But herd immunity breaks down when vaccinations are not administered to all who can medically receive them. At that point, people who chose to refuse vaccinations endanger those who had no choice."
Vaccines are safe, effective, and important. They are listed at the top of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s list of the 10 greatest public health achievements in the 20th century. Vaccines successfully eliminated smallpox globally, and eradicated polio in the United States. But fraudulent research conducted more than a decade ago threatens to bring preventable diseases “roaring back into dangerous life,” writes Perry. Read the full article.


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Anonymous said...

We can only hope that The View will make her keep her mouth shut when it comes to vaccines - or that one of her cohosts will be brave enough to shut her down with facts when she opens her mouth!

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