Thursday, July 11, 2013

Texans Living Longer, Heavier Lives

Most Texans are living longer and exercising more, but that’s not stopping the spread of obesity, reports the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

The average life expectancy for males increased 5.3 years since 1985 to 75.8 years, while female life expectancy increased 2.4 years to 80.4. In metropolitan and suburban counties with better access to health care, men and women are living even longer. But in 59 rural Texas counties and counties along the Texas-Mexico border, life expectancy for females actually declined.

The report also shows Texans are exercising more. From 2001-2009, Texas men exercised 1.3 percent more while Texas women exercised 4.3 percent more. But even with the increase in physical activity, 36 percent of men and 38.9 percent of women in Texas are obese. In fact, more females are obese than not obese in five counties in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley: Starr, Zapata, LaSalle, Brooks, and Willacy.

To view more stats on the state of health in Texas and the United States, check out the IHME report.

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