Friday, November 29, 2013

Poll Reveals Support for ACA at All-Time Low

Ever since the glitchy rollout of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) health exchange marketplace last month, public opinion on the health law took a nosedive. The November tracking poll from Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) shows ACA favorability at an all-time low of 33 percent. Favorability among the law’s historical supporters ― women and Democrats ― also fell to near-record lows (from 40 percent to 32 percent for women and from 70 percent to 55 percent for Democrats).

While opinion has turned against the ACA, more than half of individuals polled reported watching the news closely for stories about the health law (55 percent), and 42 percent say they have heard “a lot” or “some” information about the health insurance marketplaces. Still, this number is much lower for the uninsured ― 38 percent say they have seen “nothing at all” about the marketplace, and 65 percent say they do not have enough information to understand how the ACA will impact them.

Read the complete findings at KFF.

And for information about the new insurance marketplace check out TMA’s “Hey, Doc” Campaign.

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