Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Physician Duo Helps Other Physicians Make the World a Healthier Place

In 2012, Texas Medical Association member physicians Tim Gueramy, MD, and Tracey Haas, DO, created DocbookMD, a smartphone and tablet application that lets doctors communicate with each other, hospitals, and pharmacies securely and easily. Through the app, doctors can send HIPAA-secure text messages and photos of x-rays and EKGs, as well as find local physicians and pharmacies through the app’s directory. DocbookMD helps health care providers coordinate medical care quickly and effectively, saving patients time, money, and unnecessary trips to the emergency department. The technology is used by 22,000 physicians in 39 states.

After the success of DocbookMD, the husband and wife physician team created a way for like-minded “Doctorpreneurs” to grow their own business ideas to improve medicine and patient care.  The Walters Physician Incubator, an Austin-based nonprofit, brings physicians together with business industry experts who teach doctors the ins and outs of planning, building, pitching, and fund-raising a start-up.

“Our incubator creates a safe place where doctors can freely discuss their ideas and learn the basics of launching a business,” Dr. Gueramy told CNN Money in a profile piece.

Watch the video below to learn how a ruined first-anniversary dinner for Drs. Gueramy and Haas led to the creation of DocbookMD.

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