Thursday, May 1, 2014

ZDoggMD Fires Up Texas Physicians in Fort Worth

Modern health care has become a monstrous system filled with baggage and regulations, but physicians can turn the tide by experimenting with new models of care that put the focus back on the patient-physician relationship. That’s the crux of the message Zubin Damania, MD, will share with physicians attending the Texas Medical Association’s annual conference, TexMed 2014 in Fort Worth tomorrow.

In his presentation, Redefining the Culture of Medicine, he’ll delve into the ethical challenges to delivering excellent care in a troubled health care system while proposing new ways to revitalize it. “None of us intended to have the system that we have,” says Dr. Damania. “Patients all know it’s a horribly dysfunctional system.” He wants to create a new system that will allow doctors to retain their passion for patients.

What sets Dr. Damania apart from other speakers is his alter ego, ZDoggMD, a rapper well known in physician circles for his musical antics, dope beats, and fresh lyrics about health care topics. ZDoggMD has attracted thousands of Internet viewers by transforming catchy songs by Miley Cyrus, Usher, Notorious B.I.G., and other popular artists into side-splitting music video parodies about infections, first aid, pharmaceuticals, and the joys and headaches of medicine. Viewers can tune in to Dr. Damania’s presentation via tape-delayed stream at 5:30 pm CT tomorrow.

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