Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Study Proves — Once Again — Vaccines Are Safe

A study published in the medical journal Pediatrics determined there is no link between childhood vaccines and autism, leukemia, or food allergies. The study reviewed 67 scientific papers and more than 20,000 scientific titles. An editorial accompanying the study declared vaccines are “one of the most successful public health achievements of the 20th century for their role in eradicating smallpox and controlling polio, measles, rubella and other infectious diseases in the United States.”

The study is published after news that more vaccine-preventable outbreaks are sweeping across the nation. As more and more parents choose to withhold or delay vaccines for their children, diseases like pertussis, measles, and chickenpox gain footholds in states like California, Ohio, and right here in Texas. Austin pediatrician Ari Brown, MD, spoke with CNN on the implication of the study’s findings:
‘Looking at all these mounds of data — there is still no data that show an association that shows vaccine and autism,’ said Brown. ‘I would love it to close this chapter and move on. I don't think it will. But the more research, the more we learn about autism, the more we can reassure parents that there are no links here.’
TMA’s Be Wise — Immunize℠ program has educated the public about the safety, importance, and effectiveness of vaccines. Through Be Wise, physicians, medical students, and TMA Alliance members collaborate with businesses and community volunteers, who donate time and resources, to improve vaccination rates in Texas. Since 2004, the program has sponsored more than 800 vaccination events and administered more than 214,000 shots to Texas children.

Be Wise — Immunize is a service mark of the Texas Medical Association. 

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