Thursday, October 16, 2014

Watch Yesterday’s Ebola Town Hall Meeting

Dallas physician leaders responded to the public’s concerns about Ebola at a town hall meeting yesterday. The meeting was hosted by WFAA and held in the community where a nurse diagnosed with the virus lives. The purpose of the event, titled #FactsNotFear, was to present the facts about Ebola and the situation in Dallas, and to calm escalating public fears about the disease.

Below is a sample of questions audience members asked the physician panelists:

  • How long can the virus live outside the host? 
  • Who is most at risk for contracting Ebola?
  • Is there any chance the virus can become airborne? What does the term “airborne” mean?
  • How did the two nurses become infected, and what is being done now to prevent further infections in health care workers?
  • If you survive Ebola, can you relapse or get the disease again?
  • Where are we today on finding a cure or vaccine for Ebola?

You can get in-depth answers to each of these questions and the entire town hall event in the videos below, also found on the WFAA website.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

For more information, TMA has created an Ebola virus resource center that organizes the numerous bulletins, guidelines, and other materials issued by the various county, state, and national health departments and agencies to help physicians and health care workers respond to the Ebola outbreak.

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