Friday, September 4, 2015

Avoid Tragedy – Watch Kids Near Water This Weekend

Labor Day Weekend… summer’s last hurrah. For many Texans the holiday will involve dipping in the lake or pool to cool off and play. But sadly, that’s where most children drown, according to a Texas government agency.  Parents, keep an eye on children around water at all times. Too quickly and easily they can slip beneath the water’s surface before anyone notices. It’s already happened 68 times so far this year.
The state says most kids drown here:
  • Swimming pools (33 child/teen drownings so far in 2015)
  • Natural water bodies like lakes, ponds, etc. (22 drownings)
Don’t let tragedy spoil a fun outing and ruin lives. Read the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services news release, and learn more about protecting kids around water at

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