Friday, October 23, 2015

Breast Cancer and Depression

Editor's Note: This article was originally published as a newsletter by Mental Health America of Greater Houston and is republished with permission.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mental Health America of Greater Houston is raising awareness about the stress and mental health issues like depression that people with cancer commonly experience during and after their treatment.

Depression not only affects a person's brain and behavior — it affects their entire body.

In fact, it can affect how you think, what you do, and how you interact with others.

Talking about the effects of mental health is such an important step in reaching the ultimate goal, which is helping those women and men living with a mental health concern and breast cancer to have the best mental health and wellness possible.

The more we can all do together to share information and hope, the more women and men we can help.

Thank you to each of you who share this message and for helping us celebrate the survivors, honor the memory of those whom we have lost, and raise awareness about mental health and cancer — two causes that so many of us are passionate about.

Read more about depression and cancer.

A Few Signs and Symptoms of Depression
  • Ongoing sad, anxious, or empty feelings
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Feeling guilty, worthless, or helpless
  • Feeling irritable or restless
  • Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once enjoyable
  • Thoughts of death and suicide or suicide attempts

Hope. Heal. Cure.

If you think you are depressed or know someone who is, don't lose hope. Seek help for depression. Speak with your doctor or contact a mental health professional. For more help in the Houston area, you may also contact the United Way Helpline by dialing 2-1-1 or by emailing

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