Tuesday, February 14, 2017

“I Vaccinate You Because I Love You”

This Valentine’s Day, physicians are encouraging parents to show their children how much they love them by vaccinating them against contagious and sometimes deadly diseases like influenza, measles, HPV, and whooping cough. Because when you love someone, you do all you can to keep them safe and healthy.

New York state internist Fran Ganz-Lord, MD, says vaccinating your kids is one of the greatest acts of love. She relayed the following story on a physician-mothers Facebook group, (posted with permission):
“Today I took my 3 girls in for physicals and flu shots. Oldest also needed a TdaP and was freaking out. I got one inch from her face with a smile, put one hand over her heart, held her head steady with the other and looked right into her eyes and as they gave her two shots I said, "I vaccinate you because I love you...because I love you." Those that know me will attest that I'm not so corny/warm and fuzzy all the time — but my best friend died two-and-a-half years ago of influenza. The oldest is the only one who remembers/knows...she started to cry.”
Dr. Ganz-Lord’s powerful message resonated deeply with fellow physician mother Leilani Valdes, MD, a Victoria, Texas pathologist and member of TMA’s Be Wise—ImmunizeSM panel. Dr. Valdes shared Dr. Ganz-Lord’s story with her colleagues. “I will use, “I vaccinate you because I love you” when I take my kids to get vaccinated from now on!” she said.

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