Thursday, December 5, 2019

Walking the Walk with My Patients

Amanda Mohammed, MD
Dallas Family Physician
Member, Texas Medical Association 

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article was originally published on Women in White Coats.

The idea behind not only talking the talk but walking the walk: Daily I have conversations with patients on how to improve their medical conditions by implementing dietary modifications and routine exercise. I try my best to give patients the tools to succeed, including what exercise routines they may be best suited for given their medical conditions. But I felt like there was more I could do to implement change.

I believe strongly in living a life that mirrors what I advocate in my work. When I discovered “Walk With a Doc,” I realized it fit my goals. Walk With a Doc is a doctor-led walking group that is a part of a national grassroots movement dedicated to encouraging healthy living. It provides a safe, fun and free environment that allows for discussion with doctors about topics that there seldom is time for during an office visit. In addition, it creates a relaxed atmosphere to get to know your patients outside of a white coat.

How It All Began

This program was started in 2005 by Dr. David Sabgir, a board certified cardiologist in Columbus, Ohio. The TMA (Texas Medical Association) sponsors the walks for its member physicians in Texas. It is one of the many ways being a TMA member has opened opportunities for me to be involved in my community. I believe with the demands of a full time physician, we can get distracted from advocacy and feel we don’t have enough time in our day.

However, the reality is we have to incorporate our passions in our work, or it will never be an “ideal” time start anything. I joined Walk With a Doc in June of 2019 in my first year out of my medical residency, and now have now lead 4 walks in the Dallas area. I’ve met wonderful people in the process that ordinarily I’m sure I would not have encountered otherwise.

What I Have Found

What is most satisfying is having my own patients walk alongside me outside of the office setting. It is truly inspiring communities through movement and conversation. Being able to connect with others in your own neighborhood and establish connections that extend beyond chronic medical conditions and medications is essential for overall wellness.

Dr. Mohammed (second from right) walks alongside patients
at a Walk With a Doc event in Dallas.
Photo courtesy of Amanda Mohammed, MD
Exercise is critical for maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. Not only does walking at least 30 minutes a day help lower the risk of obesity, it also enhances your mental health, blood pressure and reduces your chance of developing diabetes.

Walk With a Doc  events take place all over the world. Medical students, resident physicians, practicing physicians and community members are involved in making this program a success.

If you are interested, and want to learn more, please come out for our next walk! For more information regarding Walk With a Doc and how to get involved please visit contact me via Instagram @dr.mandamo

Dr. Amanda Mohammed, MD is a practicing Family Medicine Physician in Dallas, Texas. She enjoys traveling, visiting local coffee shops, volunteering, photography and live music. You can follow her on Instagram @dr.mandamo.

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